Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pretty day


Make that Whee!

We dodged some dodgy weather and now the sky is a beautiful blue with little innocent clouds and light breezes. Time to recharge my personal solar battery. Not rocking the killer tan these days (realizing that the operative word was, indeed, killer), but still need a half hour now and again just to spruce up a bit. Plus, it's a sin to let this gorgeous day go to waste when I could be lolling about in it.


Why does PayPal innundate me with spam every single time I use it? I'd use it more if it would just leave me alone! Same is true of charities. Give to one and they sell your name to a jillion others. I wish they'd consider my donation the savings in postage and printing they'd get if they'd take me off the mailing list.

Pretty cool when that's the only thing chafing me at the moment. Of course, there's politics, but I'm not going there. Not here.


  1. It's lovely here today, too. Spent about an hour this morning alone on the back porch, with Women In Love, and the birdsongs. Oh, and the dog and the cats.


  2. We went to DeKalb this weekend. Every time we travel on I-88, it doesn't just rain. We encounter a cloudburst. We left our house on a sunny Saturday and it was in the mid-70s. Then we got hit by the rain. By the time we got to the motel in DeK, it was in the 40s and I wasn't dressed for it at all. I froze all night and this morning.

    Coming home today, we got hit with another cloudburst(although it did warm up to the 70s again.) And then Steve's car over-heated and we had to pull over on the Tollway. Apparently all of the antifreeze had leaked out, which means that I have to take his car in tomorrow to be fixed.

    But we had a great time on Saturday night at a retirement party for a college town record store that has been a gathering place for decades. Steve played keyboard in a band that gets together rarely these days, but used to be very active in DeKalb. It was wonderful to hear the band in a non-smoking environment. I love it when he gets to play (and I get to be one of the "Groupie Spouses" . . .)