Thursday, April 9, 2009

I love Wednesdays!

Ben-centric Lost episode tonight. Many others will blog this to death, so I don't really need to. But I'm loving the new smiley confident Locke. And I still wouldn't turn my back on Ben if I was him.

Pirates. Somalian (?) pirates?? Amazing! Have you seen these pirates? We aren't talking Johnny Depp-ish scary dudes buckling swashes with a big ass barkentine. We're talking half a dozen guys in motorboats with machetes and rifles. And why is this allowed to be a problem??? Can't these shipping companies afford armed security on board?


  1. Have to rewatch Lost. I caught part of something Locke said that I think is the Best Line, but Film Fodder didn't mention it.

    Wondering what Ilana is there for....

  2. Between Ilana and the giant metal box full of guns and ammo, I'm thinking the coming 'war' that has been mentioned a couple of times on the show and lots of times on the boards.

  3. ahhhh.... my mind must be blanking i had forgotten that. i was discussing with carol at work today and she was wondering why everyone is so angry and trigger-happy, and can't just be friends and help each other, lol. they do seem militant...