Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

Was I not just the cutest little kid ever! This is 1953. Dad was a principal of an elementary school in a coal town in Virginia, mom was a mom and I was an only child. And a well indulged only child from the looks of it.

Hat and gloves and a frock coat...oh my!! The outfit was navy with pink trim and I wish I could remember what that toy in front of the basket was. There are some limits to my grasp of trivial detail.

And thank heavens the cankles went away as my legs got longer. Even in my current state of excess, my (lower) legs are quite shapely. Then it goes all wobbly.

I had a tooth (one) go seriously wonky on me in February -- much pain and discomfort, very hard to eat. To resolve this problem (pain in A tooth and difficulty eating) I am now in braces and a bite plate. So I have pain in many teeth, apparently randomly, for the next 2 years and find it intensely annoying to eat just about anything but juice-cicles and smoothies. Everyone says "you'll get used to it." Okay. For now I'm taking their word for it.

One good thing about the bite plate...I am a grinder (causing much of my current woe) and yesterday was a serious grind kind of day. But no headache!!

No jelly beans or peeps for me, but that just helps me to keep my focus on the true purpose of the day. Redemption. And being worthy of it.

Have a blessed Easter.


  1. OHHHHH. i so love these old photographs. And pearl i want to go back in time and live your childhood. You are so freaking adorable! That hat! Your little white shoes!

    I was thinking this could not really be 1953 can it? You are not that much older than i am. right?????

  2. I want to add one more thing. I am glad that you are paying closer attention to this new blog!

  3. "Even in my current state of excess, my (lower) legs are quite shapely." this made me laugh out loud!