Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pretty day


Make that Whee!

We dodged some dodgy weather and now the sky is a beautiful blue with little innocent clouds and light breezes. Time to recharge my personal solar battery. Not rocking the killer tan these days (realizing that the operative word was, indeed, killer), but still need a half hour now and again just to spruce up a bit. Plus, it's a sin to let this gorgeous day go to waste when I could be lolling about in it.


Why does PayPal innundate me with spam every single time I use it? I'd use it more if it would just leave me alone! Same is true of charities. Give to one and they sell your name to a jillion others. I wish they'd consider my donation the savings in postage and printing they'd get if they'd take me off the mailing list.

Pretty cool when that's the only thing chafing me at the moment. Of course, there's politics, but I'm not going there. Not here.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Beauty is in the ear of the beholder, I guess

Whoa, with a side of whuh??

All this fuss about the magnificent performance by Susan Boyle on the UK talent show got me thinking. She has a spectacular voice, but all the buzz is about how nobody expected her to be so talented. Why? Because she's not pret-ty.

I mean, how could such an "unattractive" person have anything of value to offer in our pretty pretty world?

We have hoards of people who make fortunes by simply being pret-ty, with no discernable talent. Hollywood offers a veritable smorgasbord of beautiful banal.

And there are whole industries built around the quest for physical "perfection".

What if people put the time, thought, money and effort into cultivating their voice, their brain, their better self that they put into botox, wax, collegen implants, tucking/sucking, makeup and hair care? Whoa!

There are tons of pret-ty people out there with no talent. And we pay them just to be pretty.

I wonder how many more undiscovered and unlauded but greatly talented people there are out there that are missed simply because they aren't pret-ty enough.

My applause to Susan not just for her voice, but for the moxie to put it out there in spite of the snickers and derision. For showing that the packaging simply just doesn't count when the content is stellar.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

Was I not just the cutest little kid ever! This is 1953. Dad was a principal of an elementary school in a coal town in Virginia, mom was a mom and I was an only child. And a well indulged only child from the looks of it.

Hat and gloves and a frock coat...oh my!! The outfit was navy with pink trim and I wish I could remember what that toy in front of the basket was. There are some limits to my grasp of trivial detail.

And thank heavens the cankles went away as my legs got longer. Even in my current state of excess, my (lower) legs are quite shapely. Then it goes all wobbly.

I had a tooth (one) go seriously wonky on me in February -- much pain and discomfort, very hard to eat. To resolve this problem (pain in A tooth and difficulty eating) I am now in braces and a bite plate. So I have pain in many teeth, apparently randomly, for the next 2 years and find it intensely annoying to eat just about anything but juice-cicles and smoothies. Everyone says "you'll get used to it." Okay. For now I'm taking their word for it.

One good thing about the bite plate...I am a grinder (causing much of my current woe) and yesterday was a serious grind kind of day. But no headache!!

No jelly beans or peeps for me, but that just helps me to keep my focus on the true purpose of the day. Redemption. And being worthy of it.

Have a blessed Easter.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I love Wednesdays!

Ben-centric Lost episode tonight. Many others will blog this to death, so I don't really need to. But I'm loving the new smiley confident Locke. And I still wouldn't turn my back on Ben if I was him.

Pirates. Somalian (?) pirates?? Amazing! Have you seen these pirates? We aren't talking Johnny Depp-ish scary dudes buckling swashes with a big ass barkentine. We're talking half a dozen guys in motorboats with machetes and rifles. And why is this allowed to be a problem??? Can't these shipping companies afford armed security on board?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Get a clock why don't you!!

Fox is a big network. You'd think they'd at least have access to a clock to schedule their programming with.

Last night was a new ep of Fringe, and I set it to record so we could watch it together after dinner (Bud was working late.) We sit down to watch, and what the recording begins with is the last 7 minutes of American Idol! I don't even like AI. I would never record AI so that I could dislike and ignore it yet again in one night. But there it was. It had run overtime or something.

Meaning, of course, that the last 7 minutes of Fringe were....MISSING!!!

Not that you really need to see the last 7 minutes of A MURDER MYSTERY!!

The moussaka (aka moose MBFGW)) I made Sunday was even better warmed over last night. And the bechamel set up so perfect that the top didn't even seperate! Yay me! and hooray for ground beef...virtually no chewing necessary.

I'm finding the biggest challenge of having braces at this point is the overwhelming need to brush/floss every 5 minutes. The only thing worse than having stickiness on my hands is having something stuck between my teeth...which I now have about 105% of the time!! This too shall pass.

Monday, April 6, 2009

What launched this blog was the title

I was talking to Bud on the way home from Watchmen and said that I went in expecting Whoa!! (as in know...WHOA!) and came out more Whuh??? (as in: there's 3 hours I'm not ever getting back).

Then I thought to myself (because Bud totally does not get blogging and would not appreciate the share-age) "What a GREAT title for a blog!"

Came home and voila - here 'tis! There's a lot of life between all the Whoa! s and the odd, but all too frequent whuh??? s

We went to a 'wedding' for 5 couples yesterday. Yep. 5. It was pretty cool -- all 5 have been married for a while, but were married in civil ceremonies. Our friends are going through RCIA right now, and this was a Catholic blessing of their respective marriages. It was very simple -- no limos; no expensive flowers; no tuxes and expensive dresses; no 20 attendants and champagne fountains. Just a quiet, focused affirmation of their wedding vows. Times 5. God frequently packs a lot of whoa in some of the quieter moments.

Twitter. Who cares? Srsly? I wonder if all these movie stars that are getting on the twitter-wagon are the same ones that smack photographers and bemoan the lack of privacy afforded public figures.

I know a couple of (non-celebrities) who treat Facebook like Twitter. I may like you just fine, but I really don't care if you scored a 3 point word in Scrab-u-twist-a-wordpath; then a 1 point word; then another 3 point word followed by finding out that if you were a notepad you'd be an 8.5 X 14 legal one, then had a peanut butter sandwhich whilst whacking DonVito in MobWars. How do people have the time to play all these games? And who comes up with all those stupid quizzes anyway? And if they're computer savvy enough to post the damn things, why can't they be bothered with spell check?

Scratching a bald spot in my head here....

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Watching Watchmen

At the conclusion of this movie, I turned to my husband and offered that the last time I sat that long in one place, I at least was able to get off the plane in a different city. Far Far Away.

That's all I have to say about that.

Why start yet ANOTHER blog?

So here I am, with way too much to do already, starting a new blog. Why? Because when I started my first blog I swore that it would be photos only, and only random ones at that.

Well, I seem to find myself with things to say, and no proper forum. Facebook isn't it, and I can't believe that there is anyone interested enough in my life to inspire me to get involved with Twitter. Hayull...I'M not that interested in my life! (or anyone else's, truth be told.)

So this will be an outlet for random observations and perhaps the occasional rant. We'll see how she goes.