Monday, April 6, 2009

What launched this blog was the title

I was talking to Bud on the way home from Watchmen and said that I went in expecting Whoa!! (as in know...WHOA!) and came out more Whuh??? (as in: there's 3 hours I'm not ever getting back).

Then I thought to myself (because Bud totally does not get blogging and would not appreciate the share-age) "What a GREAT title for a blog!"

Came home and voila - here 'tis! There's a lot of life between all the Whoa! s and the odd, but all too frequent whuh??? s

We went to a 'wedding' for 5 couples yesterday. Yep. 5. It was pretty cool -- all 5 have been married for a while, but were married in civil ceremonies. Our friends are going through RCIA right now, and this was a Catholic blessing of their respective marriages. It was very simple -- no limos; no expensive flowers; no tuxes and expensive dresses; no 20 attendants and champagne fountains. Just a quiet, focused affirmation of their wedding vows. Times 5. God frequently packs a lot of whoa in some of the quieter moments.

Twitter. Who cares? Srsly? I wonder if all these movie stars that are getting on the twitter-wagon are the same ones that smack photographers and bemoan the lack of privacy afforded public figures.

I know a couple of (non-celebrities) who treat Facebook like Twitter. I may like you just fine, but I really don't care if you scored a 3 point word in Scrab-u-twist-a-wordpath; then a 1 point word; then another 3 point word followed by finding out that if you were a notepad you'd be an 8.5 X 14 legal one, then had a peanut butter sandwhich whilst whacking DonVito in MobWars. How do people have the time to play all these games? And who comes up with all those stupid quizzes anyway? And if they're computer savvy enough to post the damn things, why can't they be bothered with spell check?

Scratching a bald spot in my head here....


  1. love the whoa/whuh concept! and I agree about twitter... waste of time - take it from someone who's tried it and "whuh?"

  2. Love the name of the blog and the reason for it! I'm quite sure Watchmen is not my thing. Also, I just tried out Twitter and absolutely went "whuh?" While I admit to having a number of games on my Facebook page, I hope my settings work as intended, such that my every move isn't disseminated to the masses. BORING!

  3. OK, pearl. Now i want to twitter if only to send you an update on how i bowled after every game on Tuesday night. LOLOLOL.....

    Adam Lambert (My favorite Idol this year) sang that Donnie Darko song, "Mad World". So cool!

    I would love to open my Comcast news or Tribune and not read about another mass killing. In our state In Graham a father shot his 5 kids and them himself (i think it made national news) and today i see the Comcast headline about a man in Alabama who killed four people and himself.