Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Get a clock why don't you!!

Fox is a big network. You'd think they'd at least have access to a clock to schedule their programming with.

Last night was a new ep of Fringe, and I set it to record so we could watch it together after dinner (Bud was working late.) We sit down to watch, and what the recording begins with is the last 7 minutes of American Idol! I don't even like AI. I would never record AI so that I could dislike and ignore it yet again in one night. But there it was. It had run overtime or something.

Meaning, of course, that the last 7 minutes of Fringe were....MISSING!!!

Not that you really need to see the last 7 minutes of A MURDER MYSTERY!!

The moussaka (aka moose MBFGW)) I made Sunday was even better warmed over last night. And the bechamel set up so perfect that the top didn't even seperate! Yay me! and hooray for ground beef...virtually no chewing necessary.

I'm finding the biggest challenge of having braces at this point is the overwhelming need to brush/floss every 5 minutes. The only thing worse than having stickiness on my hands is having something stuck between my teeth...which I now have about 105% of the time!! This too shall pass.


  1. pearl. you SHOULD watch the last THREE minutes of American Idol. My favorite guy Adam Lambert sang Mad World, the Donnie Darko song. They ran out of time so Simon gave the only critique before signing off and Simon, of all people, gave Adam a standing ovation.

    PS how long do you have to wear the braces???

  2. Well at least if it had to be minutes of AI, it was at least (apparently) a ground breaking couple of minutes for AI, with Cowell's standing o for the guy.

    Apparently I wasn't the only one furious with the premption though...the TWoP board was full of it, as were a couple of entertainment sites I check for spoilers and updates.

    The braces are on for about 2 years. I get the bite plate this morning and will be sounding like Thylvethter the cat by noon. Will be working hard to get that behind me.