Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy May Day!

May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii. When I first moved here there would be kiosks of lei sellers all round Fort Street Mall across from my office. If I see any today, I'll add pictures.

Ladies would all wear beautiful flowy muu muu and it was all very lovely. We've gone all mainland-style these days, with most folks in office casual (or worse) and it's a rare occasion to see the ladies all decked out. I still wear my muu muu on Aloha Fridays, though. Holding on to a more graceful time of which I was never really a part.

In my youth I wore what we called 'grannie gowns' -- the long flow-y dresses -- as often as I could get away with it. So graceful.

But pretty. Always colorful and pretty. I could never get into the whole sister-wife garb. Not graceful at all. And I don't have enough hair for that pompadour anyway.


  1. I think it's great that you embrace the culture and history of Hawaii, even though you aren't native to it.

    How long have you lived there?

  2. pearl, are you talking about those Laura Ashley dresses when you say granny dresses? And if you are would you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post a photo of yourself wearing one in your next post? LOL.

    i LOVED those Laura Ashley dresses!

  3. my squiggle word was "undogr". that cracks me up.

  4. I wish I had photos. Sadly, it was during my days of eschewing booojie things like cameras.

    I couldn't afford Laura Ashley -- made most of my own clothes back then.

  5. Oh -- and it was so sad several of us commented on it today. There was not one single lei seller downtown today, and only a handful of us wore muumuu. I just hate to see such a beautiful tradition die off.

  6. That is too bad . Is it just this year that things seem less traditional? Seems like when the economy situation is bad people will hold on to traditions that don't actually cost.

    I'm sorry there is no photo! I never had a Laura Ashley dress either because of the expense. But i envied anyone who did!