Sunday, November 8, 2009

Not posting for a reason

I've found that my blogging has been overtaken by life.

I can barely do a post a month on one blog, and I'm pretty convinced that if I stopped even that, it would pass unnoticed. God bless Barbara for keeping me from feeling totally invisible!

I won't delete this one til I find an easy way to print what I want to keep (my mom and dad posts).



  1. Please don't stop...I love your voice!!

  2. Thanks! That means a lot. I'll just be trying to do more on pearlstuff. Unlike a very clever person I know, I just can't keep up with 2 blogs.

  3. I agree with Susie. (I've been reading your blog for a while but haven't posted to it.) If you do decide to concentrate on pearlstuff, maybe you could write there as well as post photos. Your voice needs to be heard/read!

  4. Thanks, y'all.

    Fact is, I'm expanding the written word on while maintaining the discipline of adding new photos.

    Just easier to do one blog.

    And I'm all about the easier.

  5. pearl. i think you do need to manage only one blog. I cannot image trying to do two. Plus you do the other social networking stuff. How does anyone do all that and work fulltime too? I missed nearly the whole week of trying to keep up and now i'm cramming to get contacts in with where i want. But this time is hard. I don't always get on the computer at home. and at work i might answer an email but i draw the line at posting on a blog at work, even if it is my lunch time.

    It's difficult to keep up with friends' blogs if you have a few friends doing them. So i have started to delete from my favorites, or not check in with the blogs that aren't updated on a regular basis.