Saturday, September 5, 2009

Communication...or the lack thereof?

Are we becoming the most connected people in history or the least?

We - through our technology - can communicate with just about anyone, anytime, anywhere. But I fear that we are losing the humanity of it all.

If we are hanging out together, I'm going to be either talking with you or listening to you, or just silently enjoying your company.

I am NOT going to be tweeting, Facebooking, MySpacing or - God forbid! - talking to somebody else on my cellphone.


Because I was raised better than that. By parents who never even imagined the possibilities.

They taught me that the most important person in the moment is the person you are with.

And technology shouldn't change that.


  1. How I wish I could get that through Gracie's skull! She constantly has her face on her text screen. She racked up 21,000 texts last month! I really fear it is an addiction, and I hate to take it away from her, but it may come to that.

    Mel's addiction was the internet and I think she has found a balance there.

    AND I have to constantly remind myself to resist the urge to look in on things from my phone when it's not the best time.

  2. Good grief!! That's a text, like, every other minute! When does she sleep? Or do anything else for that matter?

  3. I am so behind technology - I dont even post pics yet! I rarely use my cell in the car, unless I'm parked. And I use my cell phone for calls only lol.

  4. Pearl, I started doodling around on FB (even though I said I wasnt lol). I joined a fansite for loom-knitting and it kinda started rolling from there. How do I find you there?

  5. Amen pearl! I hate it when someone answers their cell phone and i am out with them. (If it's an emergency or a child, not a problem, but just in general, you know?) I don't Facebook, twitter, text or phone. Only email and blog. I can barely keep up with that anymore!

    i cannot wrap my head around that many texts, Barbara! That would make a good math problem for kids!