Thursday, June 11, 2009

China!! What a wonderful vacation...met some great people, saw amazing things (bucket list: Great Wall and Qin dynasty terra cotta warriors), ate some yummy food. Everything a holiday should encompass. Terrific weather, good health. Can't ask for more.

Why do we (Americans) expect things to conform to our way? I know that Bush gets blamed for "the World's" opinion of Americans, but I can tell you from personal observations of Americans has far less to do with that one man's politics than with a whooooollllle bunch of American's leaving their nasty little trails of xenophobic behavior far and wide.

This last trip (China) was an exceptionally pleasant exception. We were in a group of 27 like-minded folk who were exploring another country/culture because we genuinely appreciate it. Huzzah! Restoreth my faith.

I guess that makes this a Whoa!


  1. OK, i think it's okay now. I won't rewrite everything i just wrote about intolerant Americans in other countries. But i did ask this question:

    What else is on your Bucket List????

  2. More (but not all) bucket list stuff:
    World Travel:

    US travel:
    Grand Canyon
    Take Bud to New Orleans

    Personal improvement:
    Dance the tango
    Sing in public again

    And tons of other stuff I haven't thought of yet.

  3. Ok, i am thinking that we went over this before... but in case i didn't i have to ask:

    ANTARTICA ??????

    Antartica is on your Bucket List? Maybe now i need an explanation of why some of this stuff is on your Bucket List. Grand Canyon, get it. Taking Bud to New Orleans, get it. Definitely tango and singing! and Paris...Prague, hmmmm i sorta get it because Brian went there. Argentina has some good wine, so yeah, i see that too.

    But Antartica????

  4. Main reason: Touch every continent (airports don't count).

    Besides, Antarctica is breathtakingly beautiful. I was swept away the first time I just walked on a glacier in Alaska.

    Spent the day today taking company to Kualoa Ranch (where a lot of Lost is filmed. They aren't filming today, but it was still cool. Plus, that part of the island is just amazing.